My Kind Of Party

Before a certain political group came on the scene, the words “tea party” stood for something refined, culturally significant, and palatable. Well I’ma bring it back, y’all. One of my particularly tea-enamored friends brought a bunch of tea bags (another term that used to have only one meaning) to a brinner party I threw a while ago, and this week I finally got myself a kettle with which to actually brew the tea. Then today I made someĀ date nut spice bread, like a boss person who browses Pinterest dot com in their free time. So a real tea party’s probably gonna happen any day now. Have I cemented my status as a Super Cool Person in your brain yet?


  1. Donna

    YES! you also gotta prepare your tea party topics (I imagine thing like they’d discuss on Downton Abbey): How much money so and so has got. When so and so is getting married. Can you believe so and so married a poor person? and How’s WWI going? to name a few.

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